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This is the internet link to Marquette Michigan area snowmobile trail conditions.  I am Dave Whaley , a resident in Marquette, who grooms for the local snowmobile club, U.P. Central Trails Inc.  This site is updated with the bottom line conditions of the Marquette Area trails from my point of view. Not only am I a groomer operator, I ride snowmobiles throughout the winter.  If for some reason my reports are old, or you just want an opinion, feel free to email me!
Snow Report
8:16 pm, Sunday, December 7, 2008
  Winter is kinda here!    The 2008-2009 Snowmobiling season started with a pop.  Conditions are the best they have been in a few years for the opening week, but still need more snow.   I think that winter is here for a while at least, we will have to keep an eye on it.  Watch John Dee's site, and the NWS Marquette forecast
Trail Conditions:
    The groomer is working it's way around right now from Harvey to Christmas Jct., and down to Chatham. Conditions are FAIR at the time, but might improve with this groom due to fresh snow yesterday.  We will evaluate the grooming schedule tomorrow.
Be Careful on Trail #417 from Trail #8 to Brownstone Jct. for large water holes, rocks and bumps. This area has a very ugly roadbed (if you want to call it that) that takes a couple of feet of snow to level out. Will try to post some pictures tomorrow.

Here's from Thursday (12/04) at Kawbawgam Rd.:

This is from Friday (12/05) before the groomer made it through the AuTrain Hill Swamp.

This is after the groomer went through.

Quick shot of the groomer:

Rocks Suck!

Trail #8 from Trail #417 to Chatham was in AWESOME shape. I was very surprised on how good of shape it was. I would be willing to bet that Chatham has 2' of snow. The only issue I saw with this area today is there was 2 different trucks driving down the trail. I wish I would have caught up with them, I had an opinion that I wished to share.
I will not update this as frequently as once in the past.  I always check out John Dee's general discussion board, so if you need any advice, or have questions, I post on there as groomerdave.  Feel free to shoot me out an email otherwise, I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Until we get some more snow, play in the slush!
Think Snow! - Dave

Overall trail condition: ( 1 - 10 scale)
Getting there.
Feature Pictures - updated 12/07/08
Trail #417 near Deerton this summer.
Grading near the Brownstone this summer.
Roadbed work too.
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